Wine Country

The west and east bays of Grand Traverse are separated by a long narrow peninsula known as Old Mission. Located north of Traverse City, the peninsula is home to much of the region's wine vineyards along a rolling landscape that provides stunning views of the bays.

Sunset gold illuminates the horizon on West Grand Traverse Bay.

Sunset Views

Midway up the peninsula, a popular turnout on the road provides an elevated view of the vineyard and Power Island in the waters of the west bay. A stop here at the right time can reward you with a soothing moment of a setting sun.

Sunset at Chateau Grand Traverse


An hour passed between the captures of these two images. Heavy clouds dominated the sky most of the evening, and it was only at the last minute that a glimpse of a red-orange sphere appeared before sinking below the horizon. Not every sunset is epic, but the wonder of it is.